There are many ways of travelling in India – more than we have in England. Over the coming weeks I will post up some pictures of the different types of transport we spot on our travels. Here are some of the popular ones around this area of Gujarat.

Dada's car

Dada's car

Even Gromit has taken to riding on animals!

Even Gromit has taken to riding on animals!

Everybody seems to own one of these - but why the hairy seat?

Everybody seems to own one of these - but why the hairy seat?

These buses don't leave much room for any other road user

These buses don't leave much room for anyone else!

...and the trucks are even worse.

...and the trucks are even worse.

Following many requests from all you ‘Indian truck fanciers’ out there (I had no idea there were so many of you) here are some more photos from life on the road including a few juicy close-ups of trucks…

The picture above was taken on the highway heading north where the road is being upgraded for hundreds of kilometres and drivers constantly have to switch to the other side of the road. Jams are frequent, safety non -existent and those trucks on the right are not part of the roadworks, they are just jostling for position through the chaos!

Below is a nice rear-end for all you truckers out there. Lorries are always hand-painted with individual logos and names, but they all have the same message on the rear about dipping headlights and using your horn when over-taking. However, Indian headlights seem to be stuck on full-beam and the crescendo of horns on the road is so great you can’t hear yourself thinking that surely a reminder to let go of the horn occasionally would be more beneficial.

Nice Islamic detailing on the step…

Can you imagine this sort of detail on your Tesco delivery van?

Eagles are one of the favourite themes for the artists

We’ve seen plenty of amazing sights on the road. Sadly I wasn’t able to photograph most of them on account of having my eyes tightly shut, praying to any god who was listening and saying goodbye to my family as something headed straight for us on the wrong side of the dual carriageway! Here are a few that we did catch…

Huge loads like this boiler held on with a bit of string continually block the road.

Needless to say, the truck was moving whilst this guy was running about on top of the box. Incidentally this was a delivery of ‘snacks’ Bharti had ordered, but I think there was a misunderstanding about quantity…or perhaps not.

OK, maybe this was the delivery of snacks! Who said you can’t get a shop on a bike?

A couple of ‘Hippo’ bags full to the brim. Why make four journeys safely when you make one gravity-defying one?

And finally, another Mad Max surplus vehicle. Stripped down chic for all you truck heads.

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  1. helen reeves Said,

    December 2, 2008 @ 5:53 am

    HELLO to you all….I logged on to your gorgeous pictures and also to check you are all fine!! Glad you are out in the villages and away from the city…have fun …missing you all and stock piling the CP paperwork for you to fill in on the our return.