Cotton factory

In much of Saurashtra and northern Gujarat there are cotton fields that are being harvested at this time. Consequently, most towns in these areas have cotton processing plants which looked a bit snow factories to our children! We stopped at one to get a closer look at the raw cotton and before we knew it we were on a guided tour. Health and safety? Who’s watching anyway?



Cotton is picked by hand and then packed in large sacks and taken to the factory for processing.




All the factories in the area have these huge piles of raw cotton just waiting to be dived in to!




From there the cotton is hoovered up a pipe and in to the factory for cleaning and softening.











Eventually, after fluffing up the cotton, it gets crushed in to a bale weighing about 160kg.




Finally it is stacked ready to be taken to a textile mill where the cotton will woven in to your t-shirt.




Meanwhile, the seeds which were removed from the cotton are sorted by hand. The best will be used for re-planting the fields and the rest will be used as animal feed.





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